Selkies in Space?
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The Liminal Zone, a new science fiction book set in the fairly near future, explores the relationship between human and artificial intelligence, facing the possibility of first contact. it is set about twenty years after the events of Far from the Spaceports. It has been published by Matteh Publications and is now available at online retailers.

Selkies in Space?

Nina Buraca, investigator of possible signs of alien life, has heard tales of mysterious events on Pluto’s moon Charon, where a science outpost studies extrasolar planets. Facing opposition from her colleagues, she nevertheless travels from Earth to uncover the truth. Once there, she finds herself working with a team of people who have many secrets. To make progress, she has to take sides in an old dispute that she knows nothing about.

Can she determine who – or what – is really behind the name “selkies”, that the station’s staff have given to this uncanny phenomenon? And how will the discovery change her life?

The Liminal Zone, a novel in the Far from the Spaceports series, takes you a further twenty years into the future – and out to the edge of our solar system – for an encounter with the unknown.


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  • Breakfast with Pandora: “…Abbott uses his deep understanding of human nature to explore what would happen in a future where outer space is much less about what’s ‘out there’ than what’s inside us.…”
See extract from the novel.

Cover image: The Liminal Zone
Cover image © copyright by permission Luca Oleastri Rotwang Studio.

Published by Matteh Publications.

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