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I write fiction in two different eras - the Past and the Future - historical fiction and science fiction. Follow the various links to find more about both. Books are available in paperback and/or electronic format - see the pages Where to buy for a selection of internet retailers. The page Downloads and offers gives some additional material - free downloads and samples, and occasional extra offers.

The books are published under the imprint name Matteh Publications.

Author readings and other promotional videos are available at YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo.

Life, love and conflict in the hill country around 1200BC

“Kephrath” is a small town in the hill country of Canaan. It is the setting for various novels and short stories, all set around 1200BC and the years shortly after. So far, there are three full length novels, two short stories, and various pieces of additional material.

In a Milk and Honeyed Land new cover Scenes from a Life cover The Flame Before Us cover
The Man in the Cistern cover The Lady of the Lions cover Triumphal Accounts in Hebrew and Egyptian cover
Interviews of Kephrath - Tadugari and Anilat cover Interviews of Kephrath - Nikleos and Kastiandra cover Interviews of Kephrath - Hekanefer cover Interviews of Kephrath - Labayu cover

These people, their home, and the rather unsettled times they lived, in are a constant source of fascination for me, which I have explored both in fiction and in academic research.

Extracts from a recent review:
Historical Novel Society
Wide in scope and rich in detail and plot, this is an accomplished illustration of this era in the region: complex, informative, enjoyable and skilfully put together.
Amazon.co.uk review

Video © Richard Abbott
Cover image © copyright by permission Ian Grainger www.iangrainger.co.uk.
Background music © by permission Lee Fitzsimmons leefitzimmons.com.

Quick wits and loyalty confront high-tech crime in space

The start of a series of books set in the solar system in the reasonably near future. Small independent colonies are scattered across various planets and moons, separated by minutes or hours of signal lag, and weeks of travel by spaceship. Follow Mitnash Thakur and his virtual partner Slate as they investigate fraud among these scattered habitats, and then jump a little further into the future to find out what’s happening out at the edge of our solar system.

Far from the Spaceports cover Timing cover The Liminal Zone cover

Who is the Lady?

A tour through parts of Britain’s prehistoric land… this is a retelling – and metamorphosis – of Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott.

Half Sick of Shadows cover



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